About Us

Our History
Western Agency was founded in 1976 by Chuck Tompkins. Chuck was a native North Dakota Farm kid who understood the importance of crop and farm insurance first hand, he developed Western Agency to serve primarily the farm and small town insurance market. Today the agency is managed by Ryon Boen and continues to serve this niche market representing more than 850 farms, 500 commercial properties and countless Western Agency policyholders.

Our Clients
Never intending to be all things to all people, Western Agency specializes in farm, crop and commercial insurance. One of the largest, best-managed, independent agencies in the region, we are an agency with a reputation for taking unbelievably good care of our clients. Experts in a complicated, but important niche, we will continue to seek business where the coverage is intricate and where we can make a difference.

Our Partners
We will continue to preserve our reputation as a grade-one agency with every company we represent. We will align ourselves only with companies that understand our clients’ need for a customized insurance package that’s there for them when they need it most.

Our Growth
We will continue to expand our satellite locations to serve surrounding and rural communities with insurance needs best suited for our unique, focused experience.

Our Guiding Principles
Several mottos over the years have summarized our commitment to our clients and the companies we represent. One was: “We are the farm and small town insurance experts.” Our current motto is: “Our business is to protect your assets.” However, our original motto still sums up our belief in providing the best service available anywhere, at any cost, anytime; it is: “25 hours per day insurance service.” It’s what guided our company for more than three decades. Some clients, who have been with us since the beginning, understand this first hand.

"This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer"