Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Strategies

We serve the ag industry.

We believe the agriculture industry is the backbone of the United States of America. Every day you show up to put in the long hours and do the hard work while facing risks and challenges.

As a producer or a provider of the producer, you know coverage and risk management are important, but the long list of things that have to get done are equally pressing, and there are only so many hours in the day. Every day, we handle the details and give guidance so you can get more done. 

Just as we’ve earned our client’s business for the last 40+ years, we are eager to earn yours too.

Allow us to prove it by talking with one of our agents across 11 locations today.

While you’re planting, calving, harvesting, or moving snow so the cows can get fed we’re working to make sure your operation has access to the best tools and coverage for your operation.

 In an industry that faces increased competition and ever-changing regulation, we’ve made it our mission to take the headache out of risk management strategy, coverage, and claims.

About Western Agency

When North Dakota farmers needed support and comprehensive coverage, Western Agency gave them an experienced friend and valuable advice that they told their neighbors about.

Now, 40+ years later, we’re trusted within the agriculture and business communities in North and South Dakota to do the heavy lifting when it comes to insurance needs and coverage options.

And we’ll be here for the next 40 years serving our friends in the places we work, live, and play.

Comprehensive coverage without the headache

Gain a competitive advantage

While there are a lot of complexities and risks when it comes to working in the agriculture industry, we’re well-versed in nearly ever aspect of the business. 

We’re proud of our dedicated team and the work they do to help you focus on what you do best. We look forward to getting to work for you soon.


We quote several of the top insurance companies so you get the best coverage for your needs.