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Whether you’re planting, calving, harvesting, or moving snow to feed the cows in the middle of a cold Dakota winter we’re working to make sure your operation has access to the tools and coverage against your specific set of risks in every season. We take a personal, kitchen-table approach when we’re involved in insurance coverage because each farm and ranch has a different set of protection needs.

The greatest thing we understand is that you’re busy.

We’ve made it our mission to take the headache out of risk management and do the heavy lifting when it comes to coverage planning, strategy, and claims.

While there are a lot of complexities and risks when it comes to agriculture, we’re well-versed in nearly every aspect of the business. We do a lot of educating on Multi-Peril Crop Insurance and hail coverage, livestock revenue protection, rainfall protection policies for pastures and haylands, as well as wind and freeze policies to help our clients stay strong in every corner of their business.

As a leading crop insurance agency, we know farmers are sick of managing annual changes in crop insurance rules and updating the necessary paperwork.  This is why we developed a team of specialists in our crop insurance department to handle it for our clients.

Our proprietary strategies are thorough and organized.  The service you’ll experience is complete with everything from assessment to fast claim payments because crop insurance strategy is our second language and we’re proud to deliver service that our clients tell their neighbors about.

Our decades of experience and long-standing client relationships in the two leading risk protection lines, Farm Property Casualty and MPCI – Crop Insurance, give you another valuable asset you can rely on.

The most used insurance coverages in ag operations are

  • Revenue and Marketing Protection/Price Guarantees
  • Natural Disasters / Weather-related Property and Yield Losses
  • Property and Mobile Equipment Coverage
  • Rock Ingestion
  • Environmental and Pollution Liability
  • Personal and Farm Operations Liability
  • Employers Liability Asset Protection
  • Crop Insurance

We’re proud to say that no two coverage plans we’ve developed are the same because your operation’s loss coverage concerns are different than the next producer’s needs.

Your strategy is created by a team of experienced insurance and risk management professionals lead by your agent.

Additional coverage from Western Agency

Home Insurance

Protect every corner of your biggest investment against fire, smoke, wind, hail, lightning, and more.

Identity Theft Coverage

This is an important insurance option that is being used as a personal back up plan to otherwise disastrous expenses.

Life Insurance

Use a policy to preserve income needs and give peace of mind for those who live on.

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