Insurance Coverage and Risk Management Strategies

We serve individuals and families.


At Western Agency, your insurance coverage is backed by top-rated companies, chosen specifically for your needs, with personal service from a friend just down the street. You will get the information you need to make your decision and we’ll be ready to answer any questions and address any concerns along the way. 

Are you looking for answers to these questions? 

  • What liability coverage should I have for homeowners, auto and other personal assets? 
  • Which of my personal assets should I have insured outside of my home and auto? 
  • What level of coverage could my family need to continue their lives after I’m gone? 
  • What choices do I have for insuring recreational vehicles? 


Do you have a concern that isn’t on the short list above? Please reach out using the Ask an Agent feature or by calling your local office.

We’re proud to say that no two coverage plans we’ve developed are the same. Each policy is unique to the individual or family and as comprehensive as needed for home, life, auto, and even identity theft coverage.

Trusted Insurance



Protect every corner of your biggest investment against fire, smoke, wind, hail, lightning and more.


Preserve income needs and peace of mind for those who live on.


Safely drive through daily life knowing that you’re covered at every turn in the road. 


Keep your toys insured so the fun continues in every season.

About Western Agency

When North Dakota farmers needed support and comprehensive coverage, Western Agency gave them an experienced friend and valuable advice that they told their neighbors about.

Now, 40+ years later, we’re trusted within the agriculture and business communities in North and South Dakota to do the heavy lifting when it comes to insurance needs and coverage options.

We’ll be here for the next 40+ years serving our friends in the places we work, live, and play.

Comprehensive coverage without the headache

Gain a competitive advantage

Individuals and families choose us because we work harder to get the best rate and we’re ready to service the policy when they need it. We shop several of the top insurance providers before you have to make a choice and we’ll work quickly on your behalf when there is a claim.

We’re proud of our dedicated team and the work they do to help you focus on doing more of what you want to do instead of worrying about insurance coverage. We look forward to getting to work for you soon.


We quote several of the top insurance companies so you get the best coverage for your needs.

As the largest independent agency in our region we work differently and become an asset to our clients.

We do the heavy-lifting on paperwork and comprehensive strategy.

Your policy will be quoted by several companies that specialize in risks like yours so you get the best coverage for your needs. 

You'll gain a competitive advantage because you'll have the right strategy in place with a team to guide you.

If you've been waiting because you have a busy schedule, aren't sure about what coverage you'd need, or don't know what your business's risks are - we are ready to help.

Feel free to call, stop in, or catch us on the street.