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Through celebrating important life events, offering guidance during times of grief, and providing daily spiritual direction, your religious organization has an important responsibility to your community. The higher mission of your organization calls you to do good within your organization and in the world, which is why our coverage was created to help keep your church, mosque, synagogue, temple or community focused on the work that really matters.

Your religious entity is an irreplaceable space for your members, guests, students and residents. However, without proper insurance protection, this important environment could be jeopardized. We recognize the unique challenges faced by religious entities, which is why our coverage is tailored to meet the needs of religious organizations.

Our advice is trusted by

  • Houses of worship
  • Faith-based nursing homes 
  • Faith-based social service programs
  • Private schools, colleges and universities

Your community is depending on your religious organization for guidance and support, which is why you deserve insurance coverage that you can feel confident putting your faith in. Our policies were designed to help you spend less time worrying about your insurance and more time addressing the needs of your community.



Could you benefit from an extra team member who understands risk exposure with attention to detail and puts a plan in place to get you back to normal after an event faster?

The most used insurance coverages for public entities are

  • Active Shooter
  • Crime Coverage
  • EPLI/Discrimination
  • Property, Liability, and Work Comp
  • Sexual Abuse

We recognize that your commitment to your community and your congregation are at the heart of your mission, which is why our commitment to your organization is at the heart of ours. Make sure that your mission and every other aspect of your organization, including leaders, volunteers, youth groups and property, are protected as well. 

Whether you have questions about your current policy or you’re looking to expand your coverage, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send us a message today. Our team of experienced professionals are looking forward to hearing from you. 

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